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Atlanta Palms can instantly transform your space into a lush tropical paradise that creates the perfect ambience. We supply: landscape contractors, homeowners, municipalities, hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, and campgrounds. Atlanta Palms can assist in design, delivery, and in most cases installation. We are certified, licensed and insured.

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Cold-Hardy Palm Trees & Plants - Year Long Greenery Permanently Planted!

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Windmill Palm TreeWindmill Palm Tree
Windmill Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $57.50
Pindo Palm TreePindo Palm Tree
Pindo Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $57.50
Sabal Palmetto Palm TreeSabal Palmetto Palm Tree
Sabal Palmetto Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $68.75
Needle Palm TreeNeedle Palm Tree
Needle Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $103.50
Dwarf Windmill Palm TreeDwarf Windmill Palm Tree
Dwarf Windmill Palm Tree
Sale price$920.00
Mule Palm TreeMule Palm Tree
Mule Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $138.00
Mexican Fan Palm TreeMexican Fan Palm Tree
Mexican Fan Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $165.00
Coontie PalmCoontie Palm
Coontie Palm
Sale priceFrom $30.00
Dwarf Palmetto TreeDwarf Palmetto Tree
Dwarf Palmetto Tree
Sale priceFrom $57.50

Annual Palm Trees & Plants - Seasonal Tropics for Instant Atmosphere!

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Coconut Palm TreeCoconut Palm Tree
Coconut Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $34.50
Robellini Palm Tree - TripleRobellini Palm Tree - Triple
Robellini Palm Tree - Triple
Sale priceFrom $29.90
Queen Palm TreeQueen Palm Tree
Queen Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $195.50
Spindle Palm TreeSpindle Palm Tree
Spindle Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $64.40
Christmas Palm TreeChristmas Palm Tree
Christmas Palm Tree
Sale priceFrom $64.40


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