7 Reasons to Plant Palm Trees in Your Backyard Makeover

1. Year-Long Tropical Greenery
2. Will Survive Atlanta Winter
3. Deer Resistant
4. Drought Tolerant
5. Easy To Maintain
6. Perfect For Privacy Screening
7. Non-Invasive Root System Will Not Damage Concrete

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Atlanta Palm Tree Nursery

Cold-Hardy Palm Trees & Plants - Year Long Greenery Permanently Planted!

View all
Windmill Palm TreeWindmill Palm Tree
Windmill Palm Tree Trachycarpus fortunei
Sale priceFrom $262.50
11 reviews
Sabal Palm TreeSabal Palm Tree
Sabal Palm Tree Sabal palmetto
Sale priceFrom $165.00
6 reviews
European Fan Palm TreeEuropean Fan Palm Tree
European Fan Palm Tree Chamaerops humilis
Sale priceFrom $130.00
1 review
Dwarf Palmetto TreeDwarf Palmetto Tree
Dwarf Palmetto Tree Sabal minor
Sale priceFrom $31.25
6 reviews
Pindo Palm TreePindo Palm Tree
Pindo Palm Tree Butia capitata
Sale priceFrom $346.50
10 reviews
Mule Palm TreeMule Palm Tree
Mule Palm Tree XButiagrus nabonnandii
Sale priceFrom $562.50
13 reviews
Needle Palm TreeNeedle Palm Tree
Needle Palm Tree Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Sale priceFrom $328.13
7 reviews
Green Saw PalmettoGreen Saw Palmetto
Green Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens
Sale priceFrom $93.75
4 reviews
Silver Saw PalmettoSilver Saw Palmetto
Silver Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens
Sale priceFrom $267.19
6 reviews
Coontie PalmCoontie Palm
Coontie Palm Zamia pumila
Sale priceFrom $31.25
6 reviews
King Sago Palm TreeKing Sago Palm Tree
King Sago Palm Tree Cycas revoluta
Sale priceFrom $172.50
Blue Agave PalmBlue Agave Palm
Blue Agave Palm Agave Americana
Sale priceFrom $56.25

There will always be green in your yard, even in the winter.

Annual Palm Trees & Plants - Seasonal Tropics for Instant Atmosphere!

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Coconut Palm TreeCoconut Palm Tree
Coconut Palm Tree Cocos nucifera
Sale priceFrom $317.69
Robellini Palm Tree - TripleRobellini Palm Tree - Triple
Robellini Palm Tree - Triple Phoenix roebelenii
Sale priceFrom $391.00
Christmas Palm TreeChristmas Palm Tree
Christmas Palm Tree Adonidia merrillii
Sale priceFrom $149.50
1 review
Chinese Fan Palm TreeChinese Fan Palm Tree
Chinese Fan Palm Tree Livistona chinensis
Sale price$299.00
1 review
Lady Palm TreeLady Palm Tree
Lady Palm Tree Rhapis excelsa
Sale priceFrom $234.38

That tropical feel comes back in time for summer festivities.

Create a Tropical Environment With Palm Trees

When you think of the beach, you probably imagine the unique looking trees that grow there. But palm trees aren’t only for the tropics, you could have one in your own yard. Georgia palm trees thrive even in the city. Consider bringing one of their many varieties to your space for a lively and relaxing atmosphere.

Palm Tree Delivery and Installation

The perfect “palm tree delivery near me” service. If you live in the Atlanta area then Atlanta Palms can assist you. We will deliver and install your palm tree orders nearly anywhere in the city. We take out the hassle so you can get to relaxing under the shade of a palm.

Looking for that competitive edge?

Atlanta Palms can instantly transform your space into a lush tropical paradise that creates the perfect ambiance. We supply landscape contractors, homeowners, municipalities, hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, and campgrounds. Atlanta Palms can assist in design, delivery, and in most cases installation. We are certified, licensed, and insured.

Why Palm Trees are the Perfect Atlanta Tree

Drought Tolerant
Georgia can have strange, random weather patterns but there’s no need to give a palm special care during the next drought. Most types of palms will easily go a week or more without water. Their drought tolerant nature keeps them standing in hot, dry conditions.

Low Maintenance
Don’t worry about palms too much. They are great at taking care of themselves. There’s no trimming, watering, or pruning required. Just sandy soil and plenty of sun will keep them growing strong as they light up your yard.

Deer Resistant
Georgia has a lot of deers even in the city. Oftentimes, when the foliage in someone’s yard becomes their next meal, it can be severely damaged. Luckily, palm trees are deer resistant and no deer will be messing with yours.

When it gets cold outside, the flowers stop blooming and a lot of trees lose their leaves. The world outside can become dull and bare. Cold-hardy palm trees are an exception. They can bring needed green to your yard even late in the year.

For Trees that Stay Green Year Round, Shop Atlanta Palms

Atlanta palm trees are great for bringing the tropical look to the concrete jungle. They can be used by businesses, along the sidewalks, or in your yard. If you are interested in palms to freshen up your landscaping or give off an island vibe, Atlanta palms offers plenty of varieties to choose from. Pick from annual (summer only) or cold-hardy palms that will last through the year to find a palm that works best for you. Whatever you choose, Atlanta palms can have it delivered and installed at your request. As the leading palm tree suppliers, we provide the greatest service and choices to the Atlanta area.


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