Have you ever dreamed of having your own tropical paradise where you can spend an hour or two relaxing under the shade of a palm tree? Atlanta Palms can help! As your local Marietta palm tree company, we specialize in providing you with everything you need to create the perfect oasis without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Regardless of whether you want a slice of island life or just want something to make your neighbors green with envy, palm trees are the ideal solution.

These stunning, exotic plants are no longer considered to be exclusive to the tropics. Thanks to our local palm tree installation services, you can create your own relaxing atmosphere right here in Marietta. We offer both annual (summer only) and cold-hardy (year-round) trees for you to choose from, meaning that no matter your preferences, there are Atlanta palm trees that will fit your vision.

Annual Palm Trees in Marietta

Our Marietta palm tree nursery offers seasonal palm trees that can be enjoyed throughout the summer. Though annual palms tend to die off at the first sign of cooler temperatures, they are possible to be kept alive during the winter with a bit of work. You may keep your palm tree inside if it is small enough to be potted indoors, bringing it in before the first freeze and maintaining it inside your warm home for the duration of the winter. Once spring comes back around, you can place your tree back outside. But remember: at some point, the tree will get too large for your house or a pot, at which point you will have to part with it when freezing temperatures roll in.

cold hardy palm trees

Cold-Hardy Palm Trees in Marietta

Our palm tree nursery offers a large selection of palm trees that may be enjoyed all year. All of these hardy palms are species that can endure in colder climates. A cold-hardy palm is a member of a unique group of palms that, with appropriate maintenance, will thrive before, during, and after the unpredictable Georgia winter.

What steps do you take to guarantee that your Marietta cold-hardy palms survive the winter? Here are some recommendations for keeping a healthy palm throughout the colder months:

  • It is critical to plant your palm at the right time. For more information about planting your tree, read our blog about the best time to plant palm trees to help you get it right on the first try.
  • Keep an eye on the forecast during the winter. Read our blog post about palm trees that will survive Atlanta winters to learn everything necessary to assist your Palms in thriving through the north Georgia winter.
  • There are various steps you can take when it comes to protecting your cold-hardy palms during an especially cold winter:
    • Water the soil around the palm’s rootball deeply the day before cold temperatures are expected. This helps insulate the root system keeping it warm.
    • Add a thick layer of organic mulch over the planting site, as it helps keep the roots warm and insulated.
    • If grown in a pot, bring it into a warm and protected location until the freezing conditions leave the area.
    • Cover the palm tree in blankets, burlap, or a sheet.
    • String holiday lights throughout the canopy to help keep it warm.

Create Your Own Oasis with Marietta Palm Trees

No matter what your outdoor vision is, we can supply you with a wide range of palm tree species that are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Our team of experts can deliver and install your palm trees for you and even advise you on the best time to plant both cold-hardy and annual palm trees in your area. If you have any questions about creating your own slice of paradise right here in Marietta, give us a call at 770-400-9897.