With stunning foliage and dramatic lines, palm trees instantly add drama and luxury to any outdoor space. Tall, stately plants with lush leaves and long, curved fronds, palms are exotic landscaping plants. From stately entrances to tropical touches around pools or hardscapes, palm trees create a sense of relaxation and tropical warmth, even in cooler zones.

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Atlanta Palms is a local palm tree nursery stocked with some of the best palm trees and statement plants in the area. Contact us today to learn more about how we grow, deliver, and install palm trees in Peachtree City.

Peachtree City Cold-Hardy Palm Trees

Palms are popular in contemporary landscape design. With dramatic coloration that ranges from dark green to lime green, or from bright silver to a powdery blue, these landscaping plants are in high demand. Some people ask, “Can palm trees grow in Peachtree, Georgia?” Yes! Cold hardy palm trees are ideal for temperate gardens in our area. These striking outdoor plants can withstand deep freezes and winter frosts with ease, and some are even ideal in areas that get annual snowfall.

Some of our favorite cold hardy palms include:

green saw palmetto

Green Saw Palmetto
Serenoa repens
Green Saw Palmetto plants grow slowly and stay low to the ground. These meandering palms are hardy and extremely tolerant of sandy soils, cold, and drought conditions. 

King Sago Palm Tree

King Sago Palm Tree
Cycas revoluta
With a thick, fibrous trunk and a beautiful fanfare of foliage, King Sago Palm trees are the star of any setting. These palms will thrive year-round outdoors or in containers. 

silver saw palmetto

Silver Saw Palmetto
Zamia pumila
Cold-hardy and drought tolerant, Silver Saw Palmetto plants are popular for their bright, silvery fronds and sprawling growth. These tropical landscaping plants are highly prized.

blue agave palm tree

Blue Agave Palm
Agave Americana Giant
Blue Agave plants can grow up to ten feet high and ten feet across. Cold tolerant and drought resistant, these palms make stunning focal points in any landscape.The Agaves make a tasty tequila inspired treat for the local deer population, so it’s recommended to plant these palms inside of a fenced area.

Annual Palm Trees in Peachtree City

Annual palm trees are less tolerant of cold, wet conditions. During our hot, humid summers, these beautiful plants will happily grow nearly anywhere outdoors. But once temperatures drop below freezing, annual plants will not withstand fall and winter weather conditions. Annual palms should be brought inside at the end of the growing season as long as their size isn't an issue. Once these palms are too big to safely move indoors, it’s time to get growing again with a new plant.

Some growers dig palm trees up from the ground and move them into a pot for the winter season. Others prefer to grow and maintain palms in a container year-round. Annual palms make ideal houseplants as long as proper growing conditions are met.

Tips for growing palm trees in containers:

  • Choose a pot that is at least 10 inches across with plenty of room for roots to grow. Drainage holes are required to protect against root rot.
  • Soil should be loose and extremely well-draining. Soil amendments like perlite or horticultural sand may be required to ensure good aeration and drainage.
  • Pay attention to watering cues to avoid over- or under-watering in winter months. Add a balanced fertilizer in spring at the start of the growing season to kickstart healthy new growth.

Select From a Variety of Palm Trees

Palm trees make an excellent addition to yards, landscapes, patios, and indoor spaces. From starter sizes to mature specimens and everything in between, we have a palm that's perfect for you. Whether you're looking for large, shade-producing trees, potted specimens, statement plants, dramatic accents, or screening elements, palms will fit any niche.

Offering specimen trees, statement palms, and giant agave plants, Atlanta Palms serves homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and landscape architects. Contact our expert plant nursery team today to learn more about adding tropical palm trees to your garden, home, or commercial landscape.