Lush and luxurious, our palm trees are the cornerstone of any tropical garden aesthetic. With regal lines and swaying, hypnotic fronds, palms evoke a sense of exotic abundance and warmth. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, palm trees provide vibrant textures and unique visual appeal. Whether you're shopping for cold-hardy palms, shade trees, or potted trees, palm trees add a touch of drama and sophistication to any space.

Atlanta Palms is a palmetto plant and palm tree nursery near Buckhead that offers small starter plants and established palm trees. From golf course accents to driveway focal points, our local palm tree nursery grows, delivers, and installs tropical palms at homes and businesses throughout the state.

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Cold-Hardy Palm Trees In Buckhead

Palm trees have become a popular option in contemporary landscape design. Aside from their tropical appeal, these uniquely exotic landscaping plants offer a host of benefits. Unlike deciduous trees, which can be messy and drop leaves throughout the growing season, palms are clean and tidy all year long. Additionally, palm trees and palmettos are non-invasive and won't damage concrete patios or hardscapes with sprawling roots.

Some customers wonder if it's possible to grow palm trees in Buckhead, and the answer is yes! Cold-hardy palms are sturdy and resilient with the ability to easily withstand regular deep freezes and cold snaps. Once planted and well established, our cold-hardy, drought-tolerant palm trees are low-maintenance plants that require minimum upkeep throughout the year. 

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Landscape Design Consultations

Searching for the right palm tree for your space? Atlanta Palms also offers residential and commercial landscape design services by appointment. Whether you're planting in sandy soil or searching for native plants resistant to pests, we offer outstanding selection and expertise. Most landscape design services can cost you thousands, but Atlanta Palms only charges $99 to provide a professional illustration, so you can decide if you want a makeover before breaking the bank. To learn more and get professional advice on what to do with yard and landscaping projects, call us today.

annual palm treePalm Tree Rentals and Staging

In addition to being a top-rated Buckhead palm tree nursery, Atlanta Palms also provides palm tree rental and staging services. Whether you’re hosting a private party or a corporate event, Atlanta Palms can deliver and set up palm trees to create an instant tropical atmosphere. We offer a large selection of palm trees, and our team is highly trained so the installation process is easy. Don’t trust other companies with your staging, Atlanta Palms offers high-quality services that are sure to make your party a hit.

Shop Buckhead Palm Trees Today

Atlanta Palms features a large selection of palm trees in Buckhead. We serve residents and homeowners, as well as commercial, hospitality, and luxury service providers. From poolside accents to stunning driveway entries, our palm tree experts will help you choose the perfect palms for your space. Shop online or explore our palm tree nursery in person. You can also call us directly, and our team of experts will answer any questions you may have.