Landscaping with palm trees can give any outdoor space a tropical, luxurious feel. From stately driveway palms to gracefully swaying palm trees around your swimming pool patio, these exotic plants are popular with homeowners and business owners alike.

Atlanta Palms specializes in cold hardy, drought tolerant palm trees in Midtown Atlanta. We offer a wide selection of unique palms and trendy palmetto plants in different sizes to fit your needs. Our palm tree professionals have the expertise to help you select, maintain, and install palm trees in Midtown.

We provide unique tropical plants that thrive with low maintenance. Our palms can be found in yards, homes, restaurants, country clubs, and other commercial projects throughout the Atlanta area. With a dedicated, professional nursery staff, you'll find the support, resources, and information you need to help your landscaping palms thrive.

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Midtown Cold-Hardy Palm Trees

Atlanta Palms specializes in cold hardy palm trees that grow well in the Midtown area. These durable landscaping plants will survive in most Georgia growing zones even when temperatures drop below freezing.

Midtown Atlanta is in USDA hardiness zones 7b and 8a, making it an ideal location for our cold-hardy palm tree species. While Georgia enjoys a fairly mild climate throughout the year, some areas are susceptible to cold arctic blasts. Cold hardy palm trees are capable of tolerating freezing temperatures and even icy snow for short periods.

Some of our most popular Midtown palm trees are the European fan palm tree, the Sabal palm, and the windmill palm tree.

European Fan Palm

The European fan palm is an evergreen plant with bushy foliage and a cluster of fan-shaped leaves. Capable of surviving temperatures as low as 5°, this slow-growing tree is ideally suited as both a potted specimen or a shaggy shrub.

Sabal Palmetto

The Sabal palmetto is a native Georgia palm tree that is naturally found throughout the state. Able to survive brief negative zero temperatures, this cold-hardy palm is ideally suited for Midtown's growing zone and looks striking in any setting.

Windmill Palm

The windmill palm is one of our most cold hardy, drought tolerant Palm trees. In terms of overall toughness, it's hard to beat this specimen. Beautiful green fronds, dramatic height, and a spiny trunk make this a popular palm for creating focal points.

Bring Home a Piece of the Tropics from Our Midtown Palm Tree Store

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In Midtown, palm trees provide a luxurious, exotic appeal to any space. Whether you're looking for tall palm trees to create a dramatic focal line or an annual potted palm that looks beautiful inside your home, we have the biggest selection of healthy palm trees in Midtown.

Atlanta Palms is where Midtown residents, business owners, and developers buy palm trees and palmetto plants for landscaping. With a wide variety of foliage options, above-average root stamina, and graceful, sweeping fronds, our palm trees provide the ideal source for tropical inspiration. To learn more about landscaping with palms or palm tree delivery in Midtown Atlanta, contact us today.