palm tree in containers

Palms possess a special allure that brings the feeling of exotic tropical paradise wherever they are placed. However, not all climates and locations are suitable for tropical plants and palms that are accustomed to warm environments. Thankfully, there is a solution that allows anyone to enjoy the lushness of palms on their patio, pool, or inside their home: using containers. Planting palms in containers allows you to easily move your plants indoors when temperatures drop below what the palm can tolerate. While all palms can thrive in planters, cold-hardy options may live year-round in their containers outdoors (provided the temperature doesn't fall below the minimum tolerated for the palm), whereas seasonal palms must be brought indoors for the colder months. 

Not all types of plants and trees are well-adapted for planters, but palms have several factors that make them an excellent candidate when it comes to being container plants. The good news is that almost every palm can thrive in a container, given they are allowed good drainage. This is partly due to the physical characteristics of the palms themselves:

  1. Root System: Palms have a fibrous root system that is relatively shallow yet offers the palm stability when placed in a container. This is because they possess a large number of small roots rather than a main central root.
  2. Slow Growth: While growth rates vary, most palms have a slow growth rate, which means they will not quickly outgrow the container they are planted in. 
  3. Water Efficiency: Palms are known for their ability to use water efficiently, making them drought-tolerant and requiring less frequent watering than other plants.
  4. Low Maintenance: Palms do not shed much and require infrequent pruning (if at all), making them great low-maintenance containerized plants to have around.

potted palm trees

Palms in containers also bring aesthetic appeal to any location. They are easy to care for and create a great tropical ambiance, evoking the feeling of being in a beachy resort in the Caribbean. Here are some reasons why you should plant your palms in a container: 

  1. Portability: Container palms can be easily moved and used in different scenarios. They can be brought indoors when the weather gets colder, making them suitable for colder areas. 
  2. Adaptability: Pots and containers can be placed virtually anywhere, allowing palms to be incorporated amongst the other plants in the landscape, as well as in hardscapes such as pools, decks, patios, and balconies that are typically devoid of greenery.
  3. Flexibility: By placing a potted plant in a location, you are not obligated to leave it there; you can change its location as many times as you want, using the same containerized palm for different purposes. One day it can adorn the corner of your dining room, and the next it can become the backdrop for your pool. 

Undoubtedly, the vibe palms bring to any location is the primary reason they are highly sought after. Choosing the right palm for your location requires some research regarding your grow zone, home characteristics, budget, and more. Fortunately, containerized palms make answering some of these questions easy. If they are cold-hardy and you are experiencing below-normal weather, they can be easily protected indoors. Adorn your pool or patio with palms that would normally not survive the winter is also a benefit when choosing containerized palms. Just pop them indoors for the winter! Most palms are adaptable enough to tolerate indoor circumstances.

Always purchase your palms from reputable suppliers like Atlanta Palms to guarantee the quality of your palm.