Are you looking for Atlanta palm trees to spruce up your yard? Having a palm out front for all passersby to see will instantly transform your home into a personal paradise: It can be summer all year long when you have a palm tree or two to relax under!

When you need a little personal time but can’t squeeze in a vacation, the next best thing is an hour or two relaxing under your very own palm tree. Bring paradise to your door with Atlanta Palms, the best Alpharetta palm tree nursery in the area.

Cold-Hardy Palm Trees

Alpharetta If you want a palm tree to liven up the look of your yard, but are worried about the temperamental Georgia winters killing your tree, then you should consider looking into cold-hardy palms.

Of the 2,500 species of palm tree, there are quite a few that can withstand seasonally cold climates, and these trees are referred to as “cold-hardy palms.” These palm trees will stand strong during the winter, and will even hold up after a particularly snowy season.

There are only a few factors that can affect the health of cold-hardy palm trees Alpharetta residents should be aware of, which are:

  • The age of your cold-hardy palm. If you have just planted a young tree, this small palm may not be able to withstand the coming winter. When deciding the right time to plant your cold-hardy palm, you should make sure that your tree has enough time to grow and gain size so that it will stand strong during the colder months.
  • How long the cold will last. While cold-hardy palms are known for their durability during colder months, extreme temperatures can still damage these trees. While you can’t control the weather, you should keep an eye on forecasts and do what you can to minimize this damage if you are anticipating a long freeze. Which leads us to our final point…
  • How dry can you keep your tree? If you are able to keep your tree covered and completely dry during a freeze, its chances of surviving the winter will greatly increase. A cold-hardy palm can live through severely low temperatures, so long as it is kept dry.
Alpharetta palm trees

Annual Palm Trees Alpharetta

If you want a palm tree that you only need to worry about taking care of in the summer, Atlanta Palms has annual palm trees Alpharetta residents can enjoy during the warmer months. These smaller palms enjoy lots of water and plenty of sunlight, and are relatively easy to keep alive.

If your tree is still small enough to be potted inside your home, you can bring it in before the first freeze and keep maintaining it if you’d like to feature it again when things warm back up. But keep in mind: at some point, the tree will grow too large for your home or a pot, and when this happens, you will have to say goodbye to it when winter hits.

We Bring the Tropics to Alpharetta with Year-Long Palm Trees

If you want an Alpharetta palm tree you can enjoy all year long, Atlanta Palms is here to help. We carry a wide variety of palm species for you to choose from, so you are bound to find a tree that fits your style and aesthetic. We also supply the best trees to plant around a pool, so you can impress guests at your next party with the help of Atlanta Palms. Call us today to get started on transforming your yard into a tropical paradise: (770) 400-9897