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Deciding where you want to plant your palms is not always an easy task. The first thing to determine is if you want to plant palms in the front or backyard. Frontyard palms make a statement for an entrance, while backyard palms give a tropical feel. In order to achieve the tropical vibe, it is important to choose the right variety of palm and planting spots.

We have chosen five ideal planting scenarios in your backyard to give you ideas on where to plant your palms. Before planting palms, it’s best to get an expert landscape designer´s opinion. Fortunately, we can help you with this at Atlanta Palms. Consider the advice that is written in this article, reach out to us for more assistance, and use the Landscape Design Services to make the best decision for your backyard.

1. Plant a Palm Near a Pergola or Gazebo

Pergolas and gazebos are outdoor structures that consist of pillars or beams and a roof cover with open sides that are ideal for spending time with family and friends. Planting around the pergola gives the area much-needed tropical vibes. For this type of space, it is not recommended to plant palm species that have a wide canopy, as they will eventually obstruct the space if planted too close. We recommend species such as the Sabal Palmetto, a medium-sized Windmill Palm, or a European Fan Palm Single trunk, all palms that have mostly vertical growth and can be planted closer to the edge of the pergola.

2. Plant Your Palm by the Pool or Spa

Unlike the canopy restrictions in the pergola area, planting near a body of water has none of these restrictions, making it ideal for palms for a number of reasons. The first is that the root system of the palm will not interfere with or damage the pipes or floor in the pool. Second, the palm fronds will not make a mess in the pool, as a tree would. The third, and most important reason, is the natural, tropical look and feel that the palms create in a pool area.

Virtually any palm looks great when planted near a pool or spa. The Mule Palm and Pindo Palm, with their wide canopy and tree-like greenery, look fantastic, especially because they can be planted near the water. The wide canopies of these palms create shade and may be planted near chairs or day-beds. Sabal Palmettos and Windmills also look great in these spaces because they give the space the typical look of a palm- a tall slender trunk with fronds at the crown. These tall palms do not interfere with people walking around the pool or the view; they only create a beautiful ambiance.

3. Plant Palms To Block Neighboring Houses

We all love our neighbors, but sometimes we want privacy in our backyard. Palms that visually divide spaces are the Mule Palm, European Fan Palm, Multi-Trunk, or Pindo Palm. The palms don't necessarily need to be planted on the fence line, or in large quantities. Planting these palms strategically provides a gorgeous tropical backdrop in place of suboptimal views of your neighbors. As an added plus, they give your neighbors something beautiful to look at when facing your backyard!

4. Plant a Group of Palms To Hide Equipment

Palms in the backyard may serve the strictly functional purpose of hiding undesired visual elements, such as pool equipment or AC units. In this case, it is best to use short palms under 6 feet tall. Some cold-hardy palm trees for sale at Atlanta Palms include the Dwarf Palmetto, Silver Saw Palmetto, Green Saw Palmetto, and Needle Palm. To effectively hide undesired visual elements, plant the palms a little closer together than normal in order to create a bush-like look. Apart from being cold-hardy, these short palms are also low maintenance. They will thrive year-round and serve their purpose of transforming the view of equipment into a low, green visual barrier.

5. Plant Your Palm at a Distance

Although it is nice to have your palms close by, some varieties of palms look better at a distance. This is the case with bigger palm varieties such as the Mule Palm, Pindo Palm, European Fan Palm, Sabal Palmetto, and Windmill Palm. In the case of the taller, slender varieties such as the Sabal Palmetto and the Windmill Palm, they look great when planted in a row along the side of a pool, along the back fence, or as a group of 3 or 5 palms of staggering heights to create your desired background effect. Palms in these situations are a positive visual barrier and improve your view. When planting palms at a distance, it is better to plant already mature palms. We recommend a minimum of 12 feet tall in order to create the desired visual impact.

professional landscape designs from Atlanta Palms

Hire Professional Landscape Design Help From Atlanta Palms

Whether you need to dress a pergola, add a tropical vibe to the pool, hide unwanted pool equipment, or improve your view, planting a palm in your backyard will always improve the space. Contact Atlanta Palms for help determining where to plant your palm trees using our backyard makeover service. We have a group of palm tree experts and designers who can suggest the best place for your palms and create a mockup of how they will look in your backyard. Find out more today by giving us a call at (770) 400-9897.


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