palm trees for your yard

After considering all your plant options, you’ve decided you want to plant palms in your front yard. Now what? Choosing the right palm for your yard may seem easy, but there are more things to consider than just which type of palm you like best. Here are some basic things to have in mind when researching “where to buy a palm tree near me”: 

Your Growing Zone

The first thing you need to find out is which palm trees will thrive in your hardiness, or “grow” zone. Make sure the palms you pick are cold hardy to the lowest temperature in your area (unless you don't mind replacing them every year after winter).

The Sunlight in Your Area

It is necessary to understand the amount of sunlight needed for the palm to thrive in order to pick the right spot to plant it. Most palms need full sun, but some tolerate partial shade. Picking the right palm for your chosen area requires a little research, but will ensure a happy, healthy palm.

After making sure you pick a palm that will survive in your area, and you have the perfect spot in mind, how do you make sure it will look good in the long run? Well, you need to know what the future holds. This means doing a little research as to what height and width your palm will reach when fully mature. If you don't know what to expect down the road with the particular palm you are buying, you may be getting yourself into an unpleasant surprise in the future.

Below are some of the things to consider for the future of the palm:

The Height of the Palm Tree

Although most palms are slow growing, they can grow very tall over time, especially the more vertical species such as the Sabal Palmetto and the Windmill Palm. Now, imagine you’re picking a palm for your front yard and trying to decide between a Sabal Palmetto and a Windmill. You finally decide on the Windmill because its green fronds will look so beautiful from inside your house.

You may enjoy this look for a little while, but know your view will become a trunk as the palm gets taller. In this case, a better option for you would be the Sabal Palmetto. The Sabal Palmetto´s trunk is thicker and more visually appealing, regardless of whether you choose the Booted Sabal Palmetto or the Slick Sabal Palmetto. There is no right or wrong answer, it is just a matter of thinking ahead.

Canopy Sizes and Reach 

When choosing a palm for the front yard, another important thing to consider is the extension of the canopy. The front yard is in most cases the entrance to the house and garage, and needs to be functional as well as beautiful. Knowing how much the canopy of the palm tree extends is crucial.

First of all, you don't want the canopy blocking the walkway, or “crashing” into the side of the house. There is nothing less elegant than the look of a cramped palm. This is especially true of tree-like palms such as the Mule Palm or the Pindo Palm. Both of these are stately and gorgeous for the front yard, but they grow to very different heights and widths.

If you want a shorter fuller look, the Pindo Palm is right for you. It slowly grows to thirteen to fifteen-foot heights and the canopy is low growing, meaning it grows to the side and down to almost touching the ground. The Mule Palm, on the other hand, grows faster, and taller reaching heights of up to twenty-five feet or more in the Atlanta climate. This means, if you buy a big enough Mule palm from the get-go, it can be placed near a walkway and create shade.

A Little Goes a Long Way

The front yard is best kept clean and simple. Overdoing it in front of the house is never a good idea. The house always needs to be the center of attention. This is why it is very popular to use our Atlanta Palms expert landscape designers to guide you in this process. The very popular way to mark an entrance is by lining palms in a straight row along the front of the house. Another option is the Lone Wolf, a single big specimen palm in an open space. One of the most popular options is framing the entrance  by placing two identical palms, one on either side of the entrance.  

If you are unsure which palm to buy for your front yard, it is always best to consult an expert. The Atlanta Palms Landscape Design Service was designed for this purpose. Starting at $99, you can quickly and efficiently see the difference between what two (or more) palms will look like in the area of your choice. It's easy! Just fill out a 5-minute questionnaire letting us know your palm preferences and budget, upload your pictures, and we will do the rest! It is a great investment to see what it will look like before digging the hole in the ground.

After taking all these factors into consideration, we are sure you (and your palms) will be happy for years to come!