Leaf Protection

Leaf Guardian Super Concentrate
  • Safe and biodegradable spray
  • Adds 4°-6° of cold tolerance 
  • Protects fronds from sunburn and wind burn
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Use this product on the fronds and trunk of your palms to give your palms a boost of protection for extreme weather.

How long does the Leaf Guardian application last on my palms?

An application of Leaf Guardian Spray lasts up to 2 months.

Can I use it in the Summer season?

Yes! Leaf Guardian can be used to protect your palms from the scorching summer heat. 

How many palms can I protect per bottle?

Each 1Qt bottle can be used to protect between 10 and 20 palms, depending on the size of the palms. 

How does the product work?

When Leaf Guardian Spray is applied to the fronds/leaf of a palm, it creates a biodegradable physical barrier that protects the fronds from the cold. It also slows the transpiration rate so fronds retain necessary water to keep healthy. 

Will it change the color of my palm?

No, Leaf Guardian Spray form a protective membrane that dries clear and provides a shiny looking surface. 

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