Atlanta palms landscape design services

Designing your own landscape can be overwhelming, which is why we created a simple, five-step guide to help:

Step 1: Choose the area to plant your palms.

Ask yourself a few general questions in order to determine where you want to plant your palms. Do you want your palms in the front yard, back yard, or side yard? Do you want the palms to decorate the entrance, line the driveway, or block your house from the street view? Do you want to add palms to the backyard in order to accomplish a tropical vibe in a more private setting? Do you want to block nosy neighbors? 

Step 2: Pick a concept to follow.

Once you know where you want your palms, we can pick a concept for your design. We created 7 Design Concepts to help you get an idea for your planting plan. These concepts are: 

  1. Tropical Island: A tall palm surrounded by a group of short palms creates a lush tropical vibe. 
  2. Doubleheader: Using two or three of the same palm of various heights placed close to each other creates a cluster of multilevel palms.
  3. Lone Wolf: A single palm always brings a tropical flair to the yard, and may be placed either near the house or at a distance.
  4. Palm Row: Tall palms lining the driveway or walkway give a dramatic and elegant effect to any entrance.
  5. Pool Oasis: Convert your pool or spa into an instant oasis, with palms near the body of water.
  6. Sidestander: Palms on the side of the house soften the edges. Sidestanders can also be placed on either side of the front door to the house, marking the entrance. 
  7. Dress the Fence: Placing palms along the fence serves the dual purpose of blocking nosy neighbors as well as decorating the fence with a tropical look. 

Step 3: Analyze the space and choose your planting spots. 

Check your space for possible opportunity spots - these are open spaces that have a direct view from the house, curved areas in the hardscape of the pool, sides of pergolas, retaining walls, or visible equipment you may want to cover.

Are there clear open spaces that would benefit from a large canopy palm such as the Mule Palm? Or empty walls near the house that would look good with a tall palm such as the Sabal Palm tree? Additionally, check for any possible limitations in the space such as nearby trees, possible future constructions, powerlines, dips in the terrain, water runoff, or possible underground electrical or plumbing. Keep in mind that your palms will be visible from many different angles, and you need to make sure they will look good from all sides. 

Step 4: Pick the right palm.

Now that you know where exactly you want your palms, it is time to research and choose the right palm for the desired space. Check the characteristics of the palms you like - how much space they need to grow both in height and width, how much sun or shade they require, and whether they are appropriate for your planting zone and weather. Consider using staggering palms when choosing palms that have a tall long trunk for a fuller look. Start with choosing the location for the tallest palms first, and then work your way down in size and complement them with companion palms. Atlanta Palms has a great selection of cold-hardy palms; you can shop on the website or visit us if you live in the Atlanta area.

Step 5: Complement the look with smaller palms.

Once you have chosen the anchor palm types and locations, choose any companion palms that you need in order to create the desired effect. For example, you may need some short palms under 6 feet to place around a big palm in order to create a full tropical island. Maybe you notice that one side of the property has more palms than the other, and you want to balance it out by adding another palm. Remember, adding to your landscape is always an easier task than removing. In this case, it is better to underdo it than to overdo it.

Step 6: Source your palms and work with your budget.

Once you have decided on the final look for your space, visit to check the prices, sizes, and current availability of your desired palms. This will give you an idea of how best to utilize your budget to landscape your home. You may consider completing your project in stages to allow for larger palms that you compliment later with smaller palms.

If this seems overwhelming, hire us!

If you have any doubts or questions throughout your planning process, hire the Atlanta Palms Landscape Design Services for as little as $99. Our expert designers will create a photoshopped result of what your yard will look like. This way, you can make the best decision on which palm to buy and where you want it planted.

To get started, send us a picture of the space and a brief description of what you want, along with the concept that best matches your needs. We will design your landscape and send you a mock-up of how the palms would look in your yard. Additionally, we will advise you as to what palm varieties will work best for your space and location, as well as work within your budget to create your dream project. 

Planning your garden is not an easy task, but if you follow these five simple steps, it will organize the process and without a doubt make the outcome better. Remember, you can always work alongside our designers that can guide you through the process with expert advice and beautiful designs.